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LM Blue Label

10 packs, 200 filtered Cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar - 6mg, Nicotine - 0.5mg). Made in Europe.

         Kent Cigarettes are a cigarette brand, first to introduce smoke Filters in 1952.
         Cultural references
         · In the documentary, The Beatles: The First U.S. Visit, the Fab Four overhear a Kent Cigarettes radio commercial, expressing sarcastic interest in it:
         Radio Announcer: Looking for a Filtered cigarette that really satisfies?
         Paul McCartney: Looking for One?
         Radio Announcer: One that will give you the pleasure you want in smoking.
         Paul McCartney: I am, yes.
         Radio Announcer: Well, look no More. There is a cigarette that gives you the better(?) action you are looking for today.
         Paul McCartney: Which One!?
         Radio Announcer: Kent!
         John Lennon: Kent!
         Radio Announcer: ...with the exclusive micronite Filter.
         (Kent "Satisfies the Best" theme song plays and John Lennon whistles along.)
         · In the film Good Night and Good Luck.

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Latest News:

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Governor David A. Paterson today signed a bill to curb the sale of untaxed Cigarettes to Indian retailers in violation of the cigarette tax laws of New York State. New York Governor Signs Cigarette Tax Legislation

Two of the world's largest tobacco companies, seeking to expand sales into Asia, worked to undermine anti-smoking policies in Thailand and China by infiltrating one research institute and funding another, researchers said Tuesday. Documents offer look at big tobacco's Asia tactics