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Choice of a cigar

The Choice and cigar purchase – very responsible and, at times, uneasy business.

Frequently, it is difficult to beginner not to be disappointed in cigars after the first purchase. A problem that, buying a cigar, you risk instead of the qualitative goods to get a fake. Having read this article, you can learn some simple rules which should be observed at purchase of cigars. A rule the first: never buy cigars in the places which are not reliable. Really, the prices in a usual stall or a tobacco bench can be attractive. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to forget that the good cigar cannot cost not much. It is necessary to give preference to specialised tobacco shops. They can be as separate, and at tobacco factories, hotels, the airports etc. There are special certificated shops. For example, the government of Cuba supports a small amount of shops, in their world of all nearby 50 which guaranted trade in qualitative production. Besides, in specialised shops professionals who can help to be defined with a choice work, to give advice and to recommend this or that grade depending on your preferences.The second rule: always pay attention to packing. Necessarily check up – whether cigar packing is damaged, whether the box is unpacked. Check up presence of the guarantee press is the press with which help the box is sealed. Depending on quantity of cigars in a box it settles down or left top, or in right (packaging on 50 pieces) a corner. As a rule, it has the form of a rectangle of green colour. The modern guarantee press practically does not give in to a fake since she can be distinguished in infra-red radiation. Necessarily pay attention to a packing material. False cigars pack into boxes from cheap breeds of a tree. The wooden box should be protected the cardboard packing frequently repeating registration of a box. It is necessary to pay attention to quality and position of bows – can sometimes confuse quality of their press. Bows of the top layer should be protected cellophane. The second, on what it is necessary to pay attention is a cedar plate. It should not be too thin or small, should correspond precisely to the sizes of a box and have a bend executed by means of a punch, on the right top corner. Then pay attention to a cover inside. The paper label should be pasted qualitatively, exactly and correspond to the sizes of a cover. The paper which closes cigars from above, should be one colour with a label. The internal part of a box should be white. Besides it, in a box necessarily there should be an instruction on storage of cigars. As a rule, it should be under a protective paper. A rule the third: use all feelings. At a cigar choice first of all pay attention to its appearance – the integumentary sheet should be equal colour, with a thin structure and a few gleams. Colour of cigars in one box should differ minimum. The great value has density of a cigar: too dense cigar it will be bad to be lighted up, and too weak – to burn roughly and hotly. Check up the open end of a cigar – tobacco should not be green. If you disassemble a cigar, you should see tobacco sheets of different types – integumentary, average and internal. After you have estimated appearance of a cigar – touch it. The cigar should be smooth to the touch. If slightly to press the cigar middle – it should seem elastic and "spongy". Hardness of a cigar says that it stale, and insufficient elasticity that the cigar is filled not up to the end and will quickly burn down. The smell of a good cigar depends that of a kind of integumentary sheet – the natural light brown integumentary sheet foretells classical aroma, dark sheet – the sweet, sated, strong taste. Professionals are capable to define aroma of a cigar at smoking only on its smell. Quality of a cigar check on a sound which it makes when it cautiously turn in fingers about an ear. A rule the fourth: remember subtleties. There is very useful tool for revealing of forgeries – ruler of cigar. It has apertures of the different form and diameter. Frequently use of this tool helps to identify a cigar on length and diameter. Check up in advance – what size there should be that cigar which you wish to buy, and then check up all. The length of a cigar is measured in inches, and length in 1\64 inch (ring gauge). In Europe the sizes are specified in millimetres. The sizes of a cigar should correspond to the information on packing and to standards of the given mark. At smoking pay attention to how ashes keep: if it falls (as on a cigarette), means, in a cigar instead of integral leaves tobacco scraps are used. There is an opinion that a cigar as clothes, it is necessary to choose before a mirror. Full-faced it is not necessary to stop a choice on long and thin cigars, and thin, on the contrary, on thick "crowns". Now, when you know key rules which can be useful at a cigar choice, you can enjoy refined taste of cigars, without being afraid that have bought a poor-quality fake.

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The Choice and cigar purchase – very responsible and, at times, uneasy business. Choice of a cigar

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